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Severn Motor Yacht Club

Bath Road, Broomhall, Worcester, WR5 3HR

Sea Navigation

In general the usual books and pilot are essential as timing is everything to arrive at the correct time at Sharpness.

Avon-mouth docks have a good web site along with the Gloucester harbour trustees


It is worth having this leaflet recently updated.


Canal and river  trust

1 It is essential to licence a boat before arrival at Sharpness, otherwise CART will charge double, even for a visitor licence.

2 Bridges Sharpness to Gloucester all open for unlimited air draft, however a number have to be arranged 24 hours in advance or are not opened in rush hour.

3 approx 4 mtr or may be slightly  more under these advance notice bridges

3  see Cart web site for river and canal visitor charges.

4 Have to make a declaration to conformity with BSS tests. If staying longer than a month the boat will need to comply with the BSS and have a survey to prove its compliance.

5 10 ft draft Gloucester to Worcester bridge allegedly, however more like 2mtr.

6 6 foot draft above Worcester to Stourport.

7 River flows at 1/4 to 1 kn at summer levels, much more in times of higher rainfall.

8 river very responsive to rain in the welsh hills.

9 Rises and falls quickly , so care is needed not to  get beached on country moorings.

10 Tide goes over the weir at Maisemore when tide is above 9 mtr at Gloucester.

11 lots of dangerous drift wood particularly Tewkesbury and below and is at its worst when the tide over-tops Maisemore weir.

12 The deep bits on bends are on the wrong side, due to Telford  blasting the shorter route in the 1850's

13 Commercial boats run between Ryal and below Upton,

14 A lot of our members cruise the Avon, which is particularly pretty, but has a somewhat low bridge in Tewkesbury.


Lastly but least, come to the club, and there are plenty of members who will be pleased to share their tips with you.

Happy Voyaging


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